No other service provider can respond to your business concerns like Leggett Inc. Leggett Inc. is a family owned company that will pick up the phone when you call, text or email. Leggett Inc. will satisfy your needs by supplying the best value for your money when it comes to the following trades: plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, standby power, bathroom remodeling, and water softening solutions for your home and office.

Leggett Inc. is a plumbing company that services include: faucet repairs or replacement, toilet or urinal repairs/ replacement. Leggett also services garbage disposals, water softener systems, RO systems, pressure reducing valves, thermal expansion tanks, battery backup pumps, and minor drain cleaning and repairs inside your home or office. Bathroom pipe and paint remodeling services are available when you are ready for the complete bathroom overhaul. We do not open main sewer line clogs or do any underground excavation.

We have many heating services that include City Steam, gas, LP, propane, oil, electric, hybrid, geothermal, hot water boilers, furnaces, air rotation units for warehouses, rooftop, packaged, terminal, baseboard, radiator, ducted, ductless, and radiant. We do not work on wood fired, coal fired, solar, or industrial steam over 15 PSI.

If you need to have same day service, Leggett can keep you warm or cool; guaranteed. Our services agreement customers are guaranteed to be tended to right away. We assess your trouble and service your needs within twenty-four hours. If we cannot make repairs within twenty-four hours, if at all possible, we will loan you electric heaters or portable cooling units until we can make the repairs. Preventative maintenance ensures your system continues to run properly, all year long. We can give our customers a ten percent discount on repairs if needed.

Leggett Inc. makes all types of electrical repairs and upgrades of 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 amp electrical services for your home or office. We specialize in lighting upgrades, light fixture replacements by adding outlets when you need one for a special use and surge protector systems to help protect your home and office electronics.

We do not have a bucket lift truck and do not do any industrial work.

Backup your business with a standby generator! Leggett Inc. can help whether you have a special need at home like a dewatering pump, or a healthcare business that needs a source of standby backup power. Leggett Inc. customizes standby generators for your special needs and budget.

Leggett Inc. is a Power Pro Generac Dealer and is aligned with the Wisconsin manufacture so that we are up to date with all of the current and past products. We can be at your service when you have special needs.

If you want it done right, guaranteed, turn to the experts at Leggett for the best business solutions for HVAC in the Harrisburg area.