The experts at Leggett Inc. will always answer your call and are ready to help. Leggett answers the phone 24/7, 365 days a year and can respond to your needs most anytime. We are in the office from 7am to 4:30pm on weekdays to better service your needs. We always have a live answering service that can contact our on call technicians, day or night.

Leggett Inc. is family owned and operated. We are committed to protecting your biggest investment, your home, from top to bottom. Leggett Inc.’s customers get to know their service providers by name because our associates average twenty years with the company.

Leggett Inc. delivers heating and cooling systems that are guaranteed to give you a peace of mind. We believe strongly in not only getting the job done, but getting it done right. With seasonal services, you’re more likely to not have any problems as our trained and certified technicians are able to spot potential issues before they even arise. If you do have a breakdown, Leggett Inc. will move you automatically to the front of the list for service.

If your heating and cooling systems need an upgrade, Leggett Inc. can guide you through the process. We offer a custom solution for your home, yourself, and your budget. We can guide you through the different rebates and special offers that the government, the utilities, and the manufacturers offer so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Leggett Inc. specializes in special concerns for electrical needs by employing licensed electricians. Today, all homes have electronic appliances and we can protect these assets with surge protectors, GFI’s, special dedicated circuits. If you have an outdated electrical panel such as Zinsco or Federal Pacific, call us. These circuit breakers are not safe because they do not trip or open the circuit when a short occurs. This will cause the device, wire, or the home to catch on fire when it overloads with current. Most home inspectors and mortgage companies will not approve these defective electrical panels as safe. These will need changed out before a home sale, so why not upgrade these to a modern safe system for added peace of mind?

Leggett Inc. offers a discount for residential customers because we never charge a service charge, or overtime. You only pay for the repairs, and at a 10% discount. Leggett Inc. has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its work or we will prorate and give you your money back. No other company comes close to this promise, so why trust anyone else?

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Valued My Imput

Jeff and Andy met with me to develop the scope of work for the project.  They valued my input and developed the project accordingly.  The construction went quickly and smoothly and the quality was very good.  I would use them again.