The President’s Award, is earned by Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers or “CFACD through a special process that combines three years of data for specific criteria. It includes Customer Satisfaction, special training, both business practices, and technical, a commitment to the Carrier Brand in both sales and service. It is awarded to only about 150 companies per year out of some 6500 dealers nationwide. Leggett Inc. prides itself in having won the award five of the past ten years since it was created.

CFAD dealers are committed to the Carrier Brand and Carrier awards CFAD with special one of kind warranties, because they know we will do the job right and do it right the first time. Heating and cooling products are not plug n play, and they are a part of a system. It takes knowledge and expertise to complete a custom system installation and do it right the first time.

Leggett Inc., Carrier and our ServAssure group has honored our 100% commitment to satisfaction over a dozen times. We have replaced equipment that just did not work properly and we could not perform an easy fix.

ServAssure , a group of Carrier Dealer from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware formed as a group back in the late 90’s and it continues today. As a charter member, Leggett and ServAssure formed the alliance to better service the our customers to challenge each other to be the best, through sharing best practices, training, and better purchasing power.

ServAssure prides itself in having the strongest guarantee by committing to providing 100% satisfaction for Two Years, to our Carrier residential customer base. Each independent dealer stands behind the others guarantee and we can help resolve issues 99.9% when needed. No other organization comes close to this commitment to customer satisfaction.