Indoor air quality is a major concern when it comes to many of our health issues. Many of us suffer from seasonal allergies, mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds or “VOCs”, pet and pest dander, and particulate or dust.

Combating these irritants can be as simple as sealing the building’s envelope, sealing leaking ductwork, installing proper air filters, and adding dehumidifiers, or humidifiers, as well as adding air purification systems.

Sick building syndrome is common in any home or office, old or new. Any time you have new flooring, furniture or even paint, you are adding VOC’s. Some flooring products can jump the VOC’s above EPA standards. Older homes have so much air leakage that in the winter you are heating so much cold dry outside air that the dew point in many homes reaches lower than it would in the desert. In the spring and fall, humidity levels can be so high that mold will grow in the summer if the a/c is not properly dehumidifying the space.

Most air filters don’t work very well due to its inability to find dirt particles, most of which come from humans, pets and pest dander. When this particulate goes unnoticed, debris collects in the HVAC system, and the ductwork forms a thick layer of debris. Molds love organic material and thrive on it in dark damp environments.

A simple test is to go through your home or office and clean the supply registers and then the return. Look at the air filter area and see if it is sized about 20% larger than the supply duct. The only way to get an air filter to be effective is to slow down the air flow across it. Most times simple duct alterations can solve these problems, but more serious circumstances may involve a complete system replacement.

Many homes and offices have special challenges that can’t be corrected due to budget or just how the building was built. That’s where Leggett can come in! We are more than happy to cure the systems of a sick home with the addition of a humidifier, dehumidifier, or air purification system.

Why not turn to the experts at Leggett Inc. for your indoor comfort control solutions. Leggett Inc. works on all brands of ductless mini split units, including Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, and Fujitsu. Leggett is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, so you know the job is done right, and done right the first time, guaranteed.

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