Central a/c is one of the most important inventions over the past 100 years. The science, math, and physics behind Willis Carrier’s invention are still studied by anyone who works in the industry. For the average homeowner: one cannot image living in the Susquehanna River valley without a way to dry out the air? It seems that people can’t get by a day or so without central heat but central cooling is also must have in any home.

Part of the challenge for those in the industry is that there are only so many people who know how to keep Central Air systems running when they are needed the most. At Leggett, we have trained all of our associates in a/c repair, service and replacement, so when the going gets hot, we are firing on all cylinders! Leggett Inc. works on all brands of central air systems, including Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, and Fujitsu. Leggett is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer, so you know the job is done right, and done right the first time, guaranteed.

Most a/c systems are not properly installed, oversized, or the system is in disrepair due to the lack of seasonal services. Would you travel across the country before having the car serviced with an oil change and checkup? Why do any different for your a/c system?

Call us any time and we can get back to you right away to discuss your concerns. We have over 100 years of knowledge in our office to answer your questions and then dispatch one of our factory trained technicians to your home or office. We’re committed to get you up and running and as soon as possible!

Did you know that seasonal service drops the odds of needing a system repair by over 80%? Leggett Inc. technicians are able to find and repair troubles before the break down. Our service agreement customers get priority service within 24 hours guaranteed, and we never charge you a service charge or an overtime rate. If repairs are needed, we are happy to discount your bill by 10%.

Our family business was built on traditional values, so if we can’t fix your troubles, let us loan you a temporary heater or portable cooling unit until you’re back up on your feet!

Why not turn to the experts at Leggett Inc. for your indoor comfort control solutions?

For additional information on our Carrier products visit http://leggettinc.biz/

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This company is excellent!!!  They were quick, clean and quite with the install.  They turned in our stuff for our rebate and we got an $800 check from Mitsubishi right away.  The units are fabulous at heating, cooling and dehumidifying.  Every year they send a postcard with the date and time they are coming to do the cleaning of the units and they always come very early morning before we go to work.