Gas Furnaces

Natural gas is connected to some of the most metropolitan areas of the United States. It is a very popular way to heat homes, offices, or industry. Gas is typically less cost to install. Maintenance, upkeep, and operation costs have also cost less. Liquid propane or L.P. gas are popular in more rural areas, but the cost can be very volatile, much like fuel oil. Condensed natural gas is going to become very popular in the near future as we find ways to extract it out of the ground and into a liquid form that can be delivered to homes and businesses.

Gas heat, the most popular way to heat, has seen the most investment in technology and advancement in comfort control. The first two speed furnaces were developed over 50 years ago. Leggett installed its first two speed furnaces back in the 1990’s. Today, about 80 percent of our customers pick two speed units and most of them have variable speed blower motors. We’re happy to provide custom programs for comfort and efficiency, based on your needs.

We have matched many systems with smart controls that help customers program their a/c cooling and heat, as well as to dehumidify or humidify, filter and purify the air in their home or office. This option not only saves natural resources by using a lot less energy, but also money for you in the long run!

Gas furnace system installation is very critical due to the fact that all gas appliances make a deadly, odorless gas called carbon monoxide. Venting is critical when we extract more heat out of the gas. Higher efficiency means lower fuel temperatures. This causes fewer products of combustion to be much heavier and a lot less diluted with ambient air from the building.

Attention to proper venting of any gas appliance is critical; otherwise it could lead to health hazards, chimney deterioration and destruction, mold, as well as repair issues and early major failure of the gas appliance.

Turn to the experts at Leggett Inc. to custom design, properly install, maintain, and repair your gas furnace or boiler for many years of comfort and efficient operation. Our factory trained NATE Certified Technicians will do the job right the first time with skilled workmanship; it’s our one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee!

Oil Furnaces

Oil heat is popular throughout the northeastern portion of the United States and many rural areas.It is used to heat about twenty percent of homes and offices. Oil furnaces and boilers became popular in the 1940’s when it replaced wood and coal burners. It reduced the amount of daily work and was much easier to control.

Oil prices have been volatile over the years, due to many factors with supply and demand. Fuel oil is basically the same product as diesel fuel, both in high demand and price.

Modern fuel oil systems can be expected to perform at about eighty to eighty-five percent efficiency, well above the older sixty percent efficient gas appliances. Modern investment in technology has been minimal due to only fuel oil being used in twenty percent of homes and offices. There have been several failed attempts at getting the appliance to burn cleaner and more efficient, but the high sulfur content and combustion by-products are very corrosive and dirty.

Leggett Inc. expert technicians have the knowledge and ability to analyze electronic combustion so they are equipped to service, maintain, and repair oil fired appliances. Oil fired appliances need to have the oil filters changed, tune up and cleaning every year to maintain safety, efficiency and reliability. Oil fired service can be expensive because it takes a lot of time to remove the key components and service them. Many oil companies will offer incentives to lower the seasonal services, but they require you to buy the fuel from them and at their price. Over one hundred customers per year turn to the experts Leggett Inc. for oil burner services. We offer the best price on the open market.

Leggett Inc. replaces many oil furnaces with heat pump systems and/or adding heat pumps to the oil heat to give you a duel fuel or hybrid heating system. This way, you only have to use the oil heat when it gets cold. We also have added super-efficient ductless split systems so that you only use the oil when it is cold, so it can heat about eighty percent of the days you need heat. This also provides a super-efficient cooling system.

Let Leggett Inc. give you a custom solution that fits your needs when it comes to oil heat.We are sure you will be one-hundred percent satisfied because we guarantee it every time.

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