Ductless split heating, cooling and dehumidification units are the most effective way to go when it comes to high efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, quiet operation and reliability. Ducted systems consume a lot of space and energy and can’t focus on the different environments throughout a home or office. Ductless split units are ideal for heating and cooling in that they do not need duct work. Ductless mini split systems use only a fraction of the cost of window a/c units. Dehumidifiers use even more power and last for only a year or two.

Ductwork also consumes up to 5% or even more of the energy in heat and cooling losses in a home or office. It could be even more when the duct is run outside the building envelope such as crawl spaces, attics and cubbyholes. Most duct systems leak, and have little or no insulation and this causes even more loses. We have found return air ductwork leaking in walls, attics, crawl spaces, and cubbyholes sucking in hot, cold, stale, and unsanitary air.

Ductless split systems focus on only conditioning the living space they are designed for, so you have a highly efficient zone system. Ducted systems lose a lot of efficiency when zoned due to the fact that they are running at full speed when heating or cooling only the one zone. This is also hard on the equipment because it will short cycle and stop working.

Comfort control is best when zoned because you can truly dehumidify in the spring and fall when you need it most. Ducted systems are energy hogs, wasting energy on dehumidification when there is no need for cooling.

New multi-zone mini split systems have inverter technology that are ultra-efficient even when temperatures are cold outside. The compressor motor has the ability to change speeds, only consuming as much energy as needed to be at peak efficiency in most any temperature. There is no way you can compare energy ratings to a fixed speed compressor motor. Multi-zone mini split systems also provide maximum comfort at all temperatures, including the hard in-between seasons when dehumidification is most important indoor to solve air quality and allergy challenges. Only Carrier’s Inverter heat pump system comes even close to being this efficient.

The indoor mini split units are designed for quality indoor air, allergy control, humidity control, air cleaning, efficiency, and reliability due to their custom design for environment and occupant. They don’t overheat the air like most gas and oil heaters, so the air does not dry out like a forced hot “scorched” air system. This leaves the furniture and floors in your home or office and your family much healthier.

Why not turn to the experts at Leggett Inc. for your indoor comfort control solutions? Leggett Inc. works on all brands of ductless mini split units, including Carrier, Mitsubishi Electric, Sanyo, and Fujitsu. Leggett is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer – giving you the peace of mind that the job is done right, and done right the first time, guaranteed.

Very Informative

Leggett came out and gave me a detailed explanation of what they would do.  It was a very informative session.  They conducted themselves in a very professional manner from initial consultation through to the completion of the job.  I have recommended them to my son and friends.  I am extremely satisfied with their product and their workmanship