Hybrid heat technology teams up two different types of heat to increase efficiency and comfort.

Technology has enhanced heating systems by allowing two types of heat to be chosen by an interface control or thermostat the chooses the best fuel or heat source depending on the demand. This new technology is becoming popular due to the fact that heat pumps are now ultra-efficient and reliable.

Modern heat pumps can provide comfort by extracting up to four units of heat for one unit of electricity at temperatures above freezing. Inverter technology has increased heat pump efficiency’s into the single digits.

Most hybrid heat systems utilize a fossil fuel heating source. These units are sized for the coldest days of the years so they are most efficient when it is the coldest, and the least efficient when it is the warmest. This makes for a perfect combination for consideration.

When it’s time to replace a control a/c system it is always wise to consider upgrading to some form of a heat pump. Many times the system upgrade can be paid for within a year or two. Many times power companies or the government provide incentives in the form of rebates to help pay for “going” green, because you’ll be saving energy and natural resources. We recommend always checking for the best deal to save you time and money.

Ductless mini split systems are ideal for hybrid heat when teamed with hot water or steam heat. Heat pumps handle most of the load when they are the most efficient during the mild weather, at just dollars a day! Then the boiler takes over when demand is highest and they are most efficient. This makes for a perfect match.

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