Thermostats have evolved over the years and they keep getting more accurate and reliable. The thermostat has become an interface system that controls your environment by monitoring and learning our comfort preferences, how your home or office gains heat or how it loses it, and by knowing and reacting to the outdoor temperature.

Modern thermostats are interface controls that can be linked to your laptop, computer or smart phone. They can be tied into security systems as well. Many modern controls can inform you of the status of your system including when you have a service issue or even if you need to change your air filter. Some individuals chose to have Leggett monitor the systems so we can proactively schedule repairs when alerted.

The thermostat’s interface controls know when to set back and how far to set back, depending on the outside environment. It also knows when it is best to bring the heat back on or when to turn the a/c back on so you are comfortable for the time and temperature. These controls are so smart they can learn your preferences and control your environment very precisely.

Humidity control is one of the most important features included in your modern interface control. Did you ever hear anyone say it’s the humidity, not the heat that bothers them? A popular complaint about central a/c is that it feels clammy and cold. Proper humidity control not only improves your comfort, but also keeps the growth of mold and other spores under control, saving you energy. Modern interface controls are super sensitive to humidity and you can dry out the air without freezing the occupants.

Some homes need to add humidity in the winter months due to how they leak air. A dry home is hard on hardwood floors, wood furniture, and not to mention the occupants. Modern interface controls control the indoor environment like no other control could in the past.

Why not turn to the experts at Leggett Inc. for your indoor comfort control solutions? Leggett is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer. Contact us to get the job done right, and done right the first time, guaranteed.

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