Mechanicsburg — Plumbing Service and Repair

With roots dating back to 1966, Leggett, Inc., has over a 50-year history of providing plumbing repair services in Mechanicsburg. From toilet and faucet repairs and replacement to water heater installation, our customers count on us for everything they need to keep their water bills low. In Shermans Dale, Simpson Ferry and beyond, we can provide affordable, value-added plumbing repair service to all Mechanicsburg residents. Make us your first call for emergency service, kitchen and bathroom renovations and much more.

Leak and Plumbing Repair Service

Want to save up to 10% on your monthly water bill? There’s a good chance the overall efficiency of your plumbing system is being compromised by easy-to-repair leaks, drips and other inefficiencies. By taking care of these issues — which may be as simple as fixing loose toilet flappers and dripping faucets — you’ll take a big step toward reducing your water use and lowering your utility bills. Additionally, your plumbing appliances and fixtures will last longer, and you’ll lower your risk for developing mold and foundation damage.

New Appliance Installation

The above case study is just one example of how we’re helping our clients save money every day. We can also help you upgrade your home by installing new plumbing appliances that save you money and deliver reliable service for years to come. Count on us to provide:

  • Water heater repairs and replacement: Mechanicsburg homeowners looking for an easy way to reduce their utility bills should consider installing or retrofitting their water heater. Hot water production accounts for a large portion of your monthly energy usage. Upgrade to an efficient newer model and you’ll see an instant reduction in these costs. Leggett sells and installs both tanked and tankless units. We are a Rheem Pro Series Dealer, which means we are fully authorized to provide service and installation for the popular manufacturer’s units. Let us match you with the right heater for your home — contact Leggett for your free consultation today.
  • Garbage disposal installation: Busy families will really appreciate the value a garbage disposal brings to their kitchen. This simple device makes after-dinner cleanup a snap by disposing of smelly food waste in an efficient, environmentally friendly manner. Leggett offers InSinkErator (ISE) garbage disposals to its Mechanicsburg customers. An industry leader for more than 70 years, ISE makes disposals that are easy to maintain and backed by one of the best warranties in the business.

Testimonials From Our Customers

At Leggett, nothing is more important than the feedback we receive from our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of service we offer, and of course we love hearing from the friends and neighbors we’ve helped in Mechanicsburg and beyond. Here’s what people are saying about the Leggett team:

  • “Russ arrived on time as always and got right to work. He installed our toilet and repaired sink in the kitchen. He is the best plumber ever!!! He always uses booties while in the house.”
  • “Keith did a good job as always. He is very personal in explaining what is wrong and what it takes to do the job”

We want you to be our next satisfied customer. Contact Leggett today for any plumbing and repair service in Mechanicsburg.