Would you drive your car across the country, in the middle of the winter, without having it inspected? Without having the oil changed? The breaks tested? Would you check the tire tread, and the air pressure? Then why do so many people not have the furnace or a/c checked?

Every year we get the call, “my furnace or air conditioner is not working.” Many times it’s the air filter. This is the most important part of a forced air system as you need to have air flow for anything to work. Clogged air filters have caused more service calls than any other problem we get. When we complete a preventative maintenance we change the air filter, and or explain how often it should be done depending on your type of filter or environment. Many filters need replaced every month, but some special filters can go up to a year.

Most of us have central A/C or a Heat Pump and it is a real good idea to have the coils cleaned and sanitized every year. Air Conditioners make water and the drain lines get filled full of organic matter, and gunk that the air filter does not trap. Most debris that causes clogs in drain lines is from organic materials such as human and pet dander. Leggett’s professionals always sanitize, flush, and test these drain systems to lessen the chance of a flood.

Did you know that seasonal service drops the odds of needing a system repair by over 80%? Leggett Inc. technicians are able to find and repair troubles before the break down. Our service agreement customers get priority service within 24 hours guaranteed, and we never charge you a service charge or an overtime rate. If repairs are needed, we are happy to discount your bill by 10%.

Years ago Leggett Inc. was called into help the Lower Allen Police department investigate a Natural Gas heating system. It was determined that improper installation, maintenance, and service of the furnace system were the cause of producing carbon monoxide, a poisonous odorless gas, in the home. Here is what we also found out:

  • The furnace was over-sized for the home and located in an enclosed room in the basement with the door shut.
  • The gas pressure was way over the furnace rating, making it even higher than designed.
  • The system did not have an air filter; the air filter access was not replaced, leaving a one-inch hole by 20 inches high on the return air side of the furnace.
  • The fan was set to ‘On’ so it ran constantly.

When we tested the furnace with the room open, it ran okay. However, when tested for an extended time in the enclosed room, it caused a draft from the chimney to reverse itself, pushing air from outside down the chimney.  As a result, combustible material traveled into the home through the hole where the air filter should have been.

Furnace safety is a major concern when it comes to our preventive maintenance. All fossil fuel systems with atmospheric burners must have a combustion gas analyzer test done annually to ensure safe, efficient operation just like the car you drive. Give Leggett a call at 717-737-4562 or contact us online to make sure it is right.

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Very Good

They serviced my heat pump for the last three homes. The last time they were here this past July 2011.

They are really good. I have used them for years. I would highly recommend them.