Experts in Water Softener in Camp Hill and Beyond

Leggett’s plumbers are experts at solving many problems with water including hardness, odors, and sanitation. We come up with custom solutions for each job based on your needs and budget. When you’re searching for water treatment and water softener service in Enola, Harrisburg and throughout the area, we have the cost-effective solutions you need.

A Broad Range of Products for Superior Water Quality and Water Softener

Hershey to Hummelstown and all across the region is the Leggett territory for complete water quality treatment products and solutions. We install whole house filter systems on city water to control the amount of sanitation chemicals that you drink and bathe with. You can taste the difference it makes for your drinking water and ice. Leggett also specializes in water softener for customers from Lemoyne to Lewisberry and beyond. We have a broad range of solutions to tackle your hard water problems.

Why buy water again when we can deliver you water right through every faucet with our four inch by twenty inch filter? These carbon based medias make the water taste better and easier to bathe with by removing most of the chlorine or some of the chloramine used for sanitation at the municipal filter and pumping stations. Water softener in New Cumberland, Mechanicsburg or wherever you reside helps lead to a happier and healthier family and home.

Contact Leggett for Water Treatments Including Sanitizers, Water Softeners and More

Leggett has designed, installed and serviced many systems for a fraction of the cost for systems that were offered from national chain treatment companies. They also cost a lot less to maintain due to the industry standard components we use verses one-of-a-kind parts offered by chain companies.

Turn to the experts at Leggett for a free in house consultation and review of your concerns. We handle everything from UV systems and drinking water systems to filtration and water softeners in Camp Hill, Enola, Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Lemoyne, Lewisberry, Mechanicsburg, New Cumberland, and throughout Central PA.

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This is the first time I’ve used Leggett for plumbing, however I have referred them.  I have a service contract with them.  I compare it with UGI my previous service provider and knew from the first visit – when they examined the system before accepting the contract.