Very Informative

Leggett came out and gave me a detailed explanation of what they would do.  It was a very informative session.  They conducted themselves in a very professional manner from initial consultation through to the completion of the job.  I have recommended them to my son and friends.  I am extremely satisfied with their product and their workmanship

Low Prices

Their estimate was WAY below the competitors, one was even asking about double what we paid.  The system also will pay for itself well under the 5 years projected when we did our estimates (we have oil).

Highly Recommended and Locally Owned

Dimming and blinking lights in one section of my living room/dining room, as well as losing electricity when attempting to run a vacuum cleaner in the same areas of the house, became an immediate concern when my cleaning personnel refused to clean the house until this problem was resolved.  Fortunately, when I checked Angie’s List, I found not only a highly recommended, locally owned company, but a coupon worth $75 to cover the usual call-out fee.  Sweet!  In the end the problem was a slowly deteriorating circuit breaker (possible fire hazard).

Ductless System

This company is excellent!!!  They were quick, clean and quite with the install.  They turned in our stuff for our rebate and we got an $800 check from Mitsubishi right away.  The units are fabulous at heating, cooling and dehumidifying.  Every year they send a postcard with the date and time they are coming to do the cleaning of the units and they always come very early morning before we go to work.